Public Policy

When we take action together, meaningful impacts can be made. These impacts can include how many of our nation's seniors will get a meal and a friendly visit at their door today, as well as influencing the policies needed to make that possible. The need for us all to step up to take action has never been greater and there is no better time to speak up than now.

It’s important that we take action to show how vital programs like Meals on Wheels are to our seniors and communities across the country.

How Can You Help? Speak Up!

Call or write your Members of Congress – tell them to protect Senior Nutrition Programs like Meals on Wheels. Find your Federal and state elected representatives here.

  • If you call, you can use this Phone Script to guide your call.
  • If you write, you can use this Template Letter to help craft your message.

Raise Awareness Through Social Media
Here are some sample Twitter posts to get you started:

  • Hard to believe that more than 9 million US seniors face the threat of hunger. Invest in @_MealsOnWheels #NoSeniorHungry
  • Find your local Congressmen and tell them #NoMoreCuts for @_MealsOnWheels.
  • Every $1 invested in @_MealsOnWheels can save up to $50 in Medicaid! Tell Congress #NoMoreCuts
  • I believe in the importance of @_MealsOnWheels. Do you? Join me to tell Congress #NoMoreCuts.