Community Partnerships


Meals on Wheels South Florida is proud to partner with many local organizations and corporations on a variety of initiatives geared towards ending hunger in our community.




         Shared by:

         Barbara Levin, M.Ed.

         Director of Allocations, Grants and Governance

         Jewish Federation of Broward County

For a widowed 90 year old, who has survived cancer and the death of her husband, just getting by can be a challenge. Frail, and without family nearby to help, preparing food and keeping her condo clean had simply become more than she could possibly do. Doing laundry was a monumental task. Picking up groceries had become nearly impossible. Trying to stretch her dollars to last the month, with her ancient appliances constantly on the brink of failure and HOA's and taxes she couldn’t possibly afford – well, it just didn’t seem possible.

GJFS’s Senior and Community Services case manager analyzed the situation and helped the woman successfully apply to the Medicaid-Long Term Managed Care program (she didn’t even know the program existed) which now provides her with an aide to assist her 8 hours a week, and helped her apply for TOPS (para-transportation) so she is no longer trapped at home.

Meals on Wheels stepped in to deliver Kosher meals for the client to eat, while GJFS supplements the meals by providing Publix gift cards, which are particularly appreciated given the extremely restrictive diet that the client needs to follow.  Finally GJFS’s Senior and Community Services Program is paying for a yearly appliance maintenance contract (critical given the age and condition of her appliances) and helping with taxes, so she can keep her home, and has placed her on their Telephone Reassurance list so that someone is keeping in touch with her regularly.



The Jewish Federation of Broward County partners with Meals on Wheels on the  innovative "Nourish Now Program," nourishing seniors in Broward County. To learn more about the Jewish Federation of Broward County, please visit their website here.


The Jim Moran Foundation is a generous funder of our Emergency Meals Program. This program provides nutritious meals for seniors in Broward County who are transitioning back to their homes after an illness and are in need of a helping hand for a healthy recovery. To learn more about The Jim Moran Foundation, please visit their website here.